London Curtain Makers are one of the leading designer curtain makers of UK. We have received worldwide appreciation for our vast range of upholstery and bespoke curtains created from designer fabrics. Our senior handmade curtain assistants have a combined experience of approximately 60 years. Our craftswomen work with tremendous sincerity and passion to produce beautiful handmade curtains that are supreme in both quality and looks. They give attention to the minutest details while stitching the bespoke curtains together. London Curtain Makers have great regard for our customers and work to the best of our ability to provide our customers with top quality made to measure curtains.
About Us

Our clients feel the attention to detail and care with which their furniture pieces are attended to by our artisans.


Our clients feel reassured by the honesty, transparency and reliability with which we address them, whilst aiming to accommodate their requests by seeking and adopting best practices in everything we do.


We believe in bringing out the clients’ individuality through their choices of textiles that will surround them in their daily lives.


The best compliment our clients offer us in return is when they say that we have exceeded their expectations which is what we strive for.

40-50 Wilcox Road, London – SW8 2UX
+44 20 7627 3720